Convert Your 1gb 2gb Pendrive into 4gb for free

So I'm Back , How to Convert your Memory Card or pendrive from 1gb or 2gb to 4gb is the tutorial for free today , This works and i have used it a hundred times , I was not able to post many days because of my college work . Sorry for that :)
Convert Your 1gb 2gb Pendrive into 4gb for free

How to convert 2gb to 4gb :

1.) Go here - link

2.) Download and extract the software on desktop
3.) Open the folder
4.) Make sure you have connected your pendrive/memory card to your PC
5.) Open Driver increaser 2
6.)Enter the name of your pendrive
7.) Enter The drive letter

In the below screenshot H is the drive letter
You may check your pendrives Drive letter and enter it , It will ask for drive letter again , And Guess what and then You are done You have a brand new 4gb pendrive


  1. Can a 4gb memory card turn into 8 gb?

  2. nice but it will delete everything :(

  3. is this for real?

  4. i have 256 Mb FD converting to 4gb
    then i try copying a file with 384mb size First its going fine then a window comes out says "error 0x80070057" invalid parameter sorta like that?? what doesthis mean??

  5. Hello, My name is Kirankumar & I tried to convert my 512 MB Memory Card. It's after completing shows the memory size to 3.99 GB but data storage capacity is only 512 MB and when i format it, it shows the actual size 512. and the fatal error is displays ... what i have to do ?

  6. hi everyone it's my new tech of converting 4gb into 16gb. if anybody interest pliz go to my site http:/porntube/4gb+to+16gb+tuturials//.

  7. it change but still not change it size
    what wrong with that?
    same error show me but when I format my memory... it back to the
    size of it

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