Before I start writing any further, I might as well declare that this post is not an article defining anomalies of Mac. But an careful and researched post which shows how Windows is better than Mac in some aspects.
Here are the reasons which led Windows to a better place than Mac.

1. Lack of Support for many Applications/Software

Mac is a very compact Operating System yet only a few famous Softwares are ported to it. You might say that I went wrong here. And name Softwares, which are there on Windows are later ported to Mac. Well I personally have seen such softwares. But I must say that these are in a small number. Also when it comes to low activity developers, i.e. developers and programmers who are supporting their livelihood by selling their software are likely to program it only for Windows. Moreover the Applications they program are usually something very helpful and rare to find in the market. And believe me, these apps are always worth the money. For example, CLEO is a program specially made for Windows to modify GTA San Andreas using simple C# scripts. Unfortunately this program isn't available for Mac. So Mac users would finally end up being left from the Modifying saga.

2. Limited Number of Devices

Mac is designed and manufactured by Apple. They tend to use it only in their devices and not in any other PC. This leads us to a very limited option of buying a device. There are about 4 to 5 devices which have Mac in them. Now with options so less we have no option other than compromising.

3. Lack of Hardware support

Many renowned hardware manufacturers make it sure that they are developing the drivers for their device for both Windows and Mac. However companies with low resources find it difficult to program it for Mac. These companies are most probably the ones selling the products which are cheaper in cost. Thus a Mac user ends up buying an expensive one. I myself have two game-pads. One from 'Logitech' and the other from 'Enter'. Now the Logitech one cost me about 24$ (Rs. 1300) but it came with a CD with drivers for Windows, Linux and Mac. And the Enter game-pad cost me just 5$ (Rs. 250) and came with one CD having only one Windows Application named Xpadder which Marcos the keys from keyboard and mouse and applies them to the pad.

4. Costly Products

Each and every person has his personal needs. Lets take a student in account and see what he exactly uses a computer for. Well, being a student one would need a Word Processor, PowerPoint, Internet (For researching, social networking, etc.), Music, Videos, and casual gaming. Here you can see that you get all of this in Windows. That too in a comparatively low price and good quality. Why would you buy a Mac which does give you all of this but at a higher price? Its out of question, isn't it? 
Even when it comes to Applications, price of Mac applications usually have a bigger number than the Windows Applications. Also Windows gives free updates. But Mac updates usually need fee of about 19$.

5. Poor Multitasking and Management

Mac's Mission Control makes the multitasking rather confusing. It doesn't allow the applications to be closed from there itself. Whereas Windows gives a clear idea about the applications when you press Alt+Tab.
Even the latest feature of Windows named Aero Flip takes the Management to a whole new level.

I am clearly not stating that buying a Mac would be unethical, but if you don't need to have one then simply don't get one. I would recommend Mac to people who have a large amount of important data in their PC. Or ones who don't want their data to get corrupted or any in way endangered.


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