Computers were first heavy duty instruments which were only used by Scientists, Computer Engineers, IT experts and were labeled as the things one shouldn't be messing with. Later as days passed by, big offices and managements found important to have a computer in order to keep records and store data. More days passed by and then computer became an entertainment device. It was then a trend to have a computer.
But now, things have become different. Computer is now a necessity. Every family must have at least one or two computers to satisfy them.

I have collected such uses of computer which indicate the importance of computer.
  1. Calculations (Major Calculations which are needed during scientific experiments)
  2. Decrypting (Decoding major scripts of coded languages)
  3. Environmental Disaster Prediction
  4. Programming
  5. Word Processing 
  6. Making Databases
  7. Making Reports
  8. Server Building
  9. Searching/Researching
  10. Watching Videos
  11. Listening Audio
  12. Reading Articles, E-books, posts, etc.
  13. Gaming
  14. Downloading
  15. E-mailing
  16. Social Networking
  17. Animation
  18. Video Making/Editing
  19. Audio Making/Editing
  20. Digital Art
  21. RCC Designing
  22. Architectural Designing
  23. Mechanical Designing
  24. Submission of Forms
  25. Examination Results
  26. Blogging/Moderation, Website/Moderation Forum
  27. Shopping Online
  28. Auctioning Online
  29. Starting Petition
  30. Collecting Donation
Well, me stopping at 30 doesn't mean that computer lacks in having more uses. Its just beyond my thinking capacity to collect the remaining ones.


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