How to get a Free .edu email for free

A .edu email is always helpful for receiving free space on Dropbox or getting a Pro version of Connectify for legally and many more things , For Gaining discount on Amazon etc.
While Searching on the web I found a Video tutorial so thought of making a tutorial for our readers.

Why is a Useful 

  • It is Always useful For gaining extra space on dropbox
  • Extra Offers on Amazon
  • Get Pro version of Connectify wi-fi software for free

How do I get a .edu email

  1.  Go here - Link

2.) Choose the Above option and Click next ( Fill the Code also )
3.) Sign up page will appear. But you will require National SSN which you can take from here > Link
You will have to take the Address and name also from there.
4.) After Filling you will have to choose Some security questions after everything is Your Account will be activated in around 20 mins till then you will have to wait and then go to login page and sign in with the MEID which is given to you ( Please save the MEID & other things in notepad for further use)

Video tutorial :

Well this video is not made by me but found it on youtube so thought sharing with you . 

Hope You find it useful !
Have a Good Day ! :)


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  2. Ya how to get it??

  3. doesn't work. Amazon banned it


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