Are you afraid of not getting a email of your name , but don't worry we have a solution for it and it's called . You can choose upto 200 domain's eg : , , and may more according to categories you may choose from hundreds of domain names. The best part of them is that the have an iPad and iPhone app and a mobile site so you can check in your emails on the go! They also give unlimited storage.

Steps to get a small email address :

1.) Go to

2.) You will see the screen above , Click on sign up now

3.) The after clicking on it , you will see a screen below like the below pic. Enter your desired email and click on check availability and the fill up your name and other information.

4.) And You are Done!

What is email forwarding and How to do it?

Email forwarding means fowarding emails to another email , and you can create very short email address using it.

1.) Go to
2.) Enter your email which you are using right now.
3.) Click on Go , They will give you an computer Generated email, You can customize it by clicking  on customize my address and then enter your desired email.

And then Your done

Note : 1st ( tutorial and 2nd ( ) have no relation


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