Personalizing the computer to make it more user friendly and attractive to use has always been a trend among the computer users. The fact that the wallpaper can be changed without any restriction and conditions takes the computing on a next level.
Unfortunately the anomaly that the wallpaper can't be kept live or somewhat in motion makes it considerably less. Well, we have a solution for you to keep yourself away from this boredom and enjoy the wholesomeness of the computer screen.
There are many ways to do this. I'll explain the most used one and the one's which you will probably love to watch.

1. Animated Wallpapers
This is the most anticipated option when it comes to such a selection. The Animated Wallpapers serve their purpose in a nice way, giving the user a charismatic view of their screen. These come for free and paid as well. Let me tell you the paid are worth the money. You can get these from a number of sites, but what I recommend you will be these ones.

2. VLC DirectX Wallpaper Mode
VLC one of the most used Media player across the globe, comes with a fine treat named DirectX Wallpaper. This options enables the user to switch the video output from the VLC interface to the wallpaper. Making the video content running on the player as the wallpaper of the user. However this step is temporary and shuts down exactly after the Player is closed. It even wears off after a mere shutdown or a restart.

Here is the Video Tutorial to Install such wallpaper.

Video Credits - Intrepidman
3. DreamScene
One more compact way to carry out such experiment would be using this wonderful software which will make any video into wallpaper. This is better than VLC method as it is permanent and isnt executed as a program. However it does have a con, i.e. it rises the CPU usage to a considerable height. Here is the official website to get it and get the detailed instructions on running the program.


1. Mac Desktop
Same as VLC, the Mac has got developers which extent their support when it comes to personalization. Here is the software which makes the wallpaper into video file.
Here is the link to a Video Tutorial -

Video Credits - AppleVidz

2. VLC DirectX Wallpaper Mode
VLC being one of the favorite in all systems, has made the option of DirectX Wallpaper in Mac too. This option as in Windows makes the videos as the Wallpaper. This option is recommended only when you want a certain video as the wallpaper.
Here is a Video Tutorial on installing via this method.

Video Credits - coryperemsky


  1. But it will consume lot of power

    1. yes it does, but not at all a problem when it comes to Desktop. (But laptop might be de-juiced quickly


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