Hello guys, Today I will show you how to get hidden email addresses on Facebook. This is a very simple trick. Many people that use facebook hide their emails from others for several reasons. Now you can get their email addresses very easily. All you need is a yahoo account and a Victim, so here we go

Things you will need

1) A Yahoo account
2) A Victim (your facebook friend)

IMPORTANT NOTE : He must be your friend or you will not be able to perform this trick

Now what to do

Login to your yahoo account and Facebook account. Now go to yahoo mail and click on contacts. After that click on import contacts.

Now click on Facebook button. As we have already logged in so it will show you a new window in which you have to click on ok or cancel. We are going to share our contacts with yahoo. Click Ok.

Now in your yahoo contacts there will be names of your facebook friends and below them will be their email addresses.

If you didnt understand something, please comment or contact us.( And sorry for my bad english )

Note : TechWindow doesn't encourage the readers to import the emails to SPAM or do any other disturbance including activities. Please note that this is only a way to get the email. Not a tutorial to hack/deceive anyone's account.


  1. yeah.. it working !. :D

  2. i can't understand how far it will be helpful ;>
    - www.facebook.com/kashalionline (official page)

  3. It's not working...all i get is the e-mail adress of persons who had published their e-mail as public in fb..the one wich is hidden still remains hidden

  4. i dont have the person i need on my friends list. im trying to help my bf recover his old fb account and all i have is the first and last letters of his email address and the provider ( hes got a yahoo ). ive been searching for the longest time on how to find out the rest of this email: s************d@yahoo.com


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