Remote Access ANDROID via SMS [ANDROID]
Today, while I was surfing on Google PLAY , I found an amazing app called "AGASTYA".
Its made by an INDIAN company "BOMBIL" 

  • Who created this app? 
 The app is created by Bombil Media as a company.Special regard to Ishita ,Peeyush and Anshul.

  • Why you have chosen "agastya" as a name for this app?
Agastya - The Rishi could manage doing magical stuff so does our app.Hence we call it Agastya

  • After what duration was this project completed? 
Project took 2 months of effort.

Now , lets come to its features

Imagine you have kept your phone* on silent mode for any reasons but suddenly at home you realise that its not in your hand , and you start searching your phone here and there , you cant find it by ringing as you had kept it on silent mode.
  Here comes the AGASTYA , if you had installed this app on your phone you would just follow the steps for the application and your mobile could be back to ringer mode by simply TEXTING  "RINGER" command to your lost phone from any other ordinary phone .After this you would have rang your phone and finally you had it back.

EXCEPT this feature (changing mode from silent to ringer or vice-versa) , there are many other features too.

You can access & retrieve a lot of data from your mobile phone even if you don’t have it with you

1) Contacts (Fetching contact number from your Address book)
2) Call Logs (Checking Missed Calls/Received Calls/Dialed Numbers)
3) IMEI Number (If you have lost your phone , you can block it by using this number)
4) Phone Profile (Changing profile mode to Ringer or Silent)
5) SIM Number (Retriving SIM Number)
6) SMS logs (Checking SMS's received on your phone)

Its an app with simple UI , all steps are included in the app itself.

Here are the steps if you are having any difficulties:

1.Download and install "AGASTYA"  [Download Link Is At End Of This Post]
2.Once installed , open the app.
3.You have to type your E-Mail and 4 digit pin and click on "SAVE"

4.Once you have completed step "3" , you would be shown how to use the app.

5.MINIMIZE the app now by simply pressing home-screen button (app will work even if it is closed)
6.Whenever you want to use he app , take any mobile and send a 4 digit pin that you have choosen in the app. for e.g. if you have chosen pin as "1234"

Simply text "1234" to your own mobile and within a minute or two you will Recieve commands list which are valid for 1 Hour.
7. If you wanna use change to ringer command , see the msg you received by your own phone and see the code before "ringer"
for e.g. if code is "Dno" , text "Dno ringer" to your phone without quotes ("")

NOTE: The codes i.e. "Dno" in e.g. are case-sensitive .


"*= Phone refers to android depending on scenario"


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