The Galaxy S III has been one of the most widely written about products, thus far, but seems like the peace and calm at the Samsung camp, post a much awaited launch has been rudely interrupted now, by one time friend and now foe - Apple. Both, Samsung and the iPad maker have been at loggerheads, since a while now over a host of unresolved patents, and a slew of lawsuits, subsequently filed at several courts, globally. 

Samsung S3 VS Apple Iphone

samsung is facing problems from apple as it has a filed a case . A post on Foss Patents reads, "Late on Tuesday, Apple brought a motion, in its second California litigation against Samsung, "to supplement the record regarding Samsung's Galaxy S III product". Apple formally asks the court for permission to add the S III as another product targeted by Apple's motion for a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus, a smartphone Samsung co-developed with Google."  

                                                      Source - Tech2


  1. A while ago I remember hearing that Apple used to buy chips off Samsung for their products and now they keep trying to sue them. I've never had an Apple product so I can't really be on their side, hehe. Long live Samsung! Most of my technology at home is from them. I hope everything turns out well and they continue on releasing their products with no problems.


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