Camping is one of those holidays where we are in the nature's favor discovering its wildness. The camp must be well planned in order to get the utmost pleasure of camping. We pack our haversacks, our tent, so why not our Android smart phone?
In order to show what exactly you need to be downloading, I made this short tutorial.

1. Google Maps

The best of its kind. Made by the best of their kind. Maps is an mandatory App for every person off to camping. The application helps you find your destination, moreover tells you the easiest way to get to it. As in camping, it will help you locate your position and navigate you. I don't think I must tell you about this app anything more!

Get it here - Google Play

2. Smart Compass

 Where there's camping there always is navigation. Smart Compass App help you find the direction with the help of a magnometer. With a feature which allows to see through the camera and the compass makes it convenient in a rough exterior.

Get it here - Google Play
3. Smart Flashlight

Camping at night and evening can be treacherous because of the scarcity of light. Well you can use your phone as an alternative to a torch. (Please take a torch with you!) The app turns the LED flash of your phone ON. Making it bright. Even if your phone lacks in having a LED flash, the app makes the screen go totally white in color making it emit light.

Get it here - Google Play
4. Camp Trip Planner

 The app acts like your mother by asking each and every thing, you will possibly take to camp. The application is totally worth a dollar. I an guarantee that you wont even forget a pin, with the help of this app.

Get it here - Google Play
5. 100+ Ghost Stories

What's the point of going to a camp without sharing your ghostly encounters? Here is something which will help you and other campers get goosebumps. (Please don't read the stories in front of other from the phone. Decide one, learn it and then recite it creatively to the campers.

Get it here - Google Play


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