Create free websites blogs and socialnetworks for free
Here's a list of some websites to create a free website - [ Websites,Blogs,Flashsites,Socialnetworks].All of them will allow to create a website/blog/socialnetwork for free.
Top 12 websites to create a free website - [ Websites,Blogs,Flashsites,socialnetworks]

Create websites :

     Frankly speaking I started to create website using this tool/site . It's free , you get a domain 
      It has some inbulit templates and gadgets, but you cannot edit the template/HTML.If you want you can buy                               
      a .com domain name by paying some price

     This a free service provided by google , you can make your own template, your files but it doesn't give professional look.

    This webiste allows you to create a  flash website.

      This widley used , They have more than 100 templates and its very easy to use. They have a ios app to so that you can update your site on the Go !.

      This is a name which most of you may have heard it gives domain name

     This is website on which we had already posted long pack, & belive me you get :
     for free !. just enter your pan card number. It's powered by Google & Hostgator ( this works only in india).

Create Free Blogs :

     The most widley and custamizable platform which most of us use , Tech window too is on blogger , you get a domain & this service is provided by Google 

    This is a good platfrom for bloggers , there are many plugins and themes some are free and some are paid , most big websites are on this platform ( eg : ,

Create a Free social networking site :

     we had already posted about this before , this is a nice way to create a free social network



Free Hosting service :

    I found the only one on internet if you know more then please comment :).


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  3. Nice post ! Make your own website free within 5 minute. is a website builder that gives you everything you need to get your website online.

  4. I think wordpress is the best free script to create a website for FREE! Thanks for the info

  5. Tumblr, Vox are good for blogs as well.


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