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Many Days Before I started review of Secure Folder- A software which allows to hide & secure a folder from your computer. You can check the folders which you have hide , logging into with password which you can set during the setup process , you have to give your e-mail too , so that if you forget your password it is sent to your email.

I Will be answering some questions which will help you !

Who & why to use Secure folder ?

Secure Folder Is a very good software to everyone who is in a hunt to hide his/her private files.
Its very helpful for college students to secure there projects , assignments & for useless boys who want to hide there private videos and images

How Much Does It cost ?

It is Free for 21 days (trial version)
You can Buy it for 710.97 र  or $11.95 or in your national currency.

Some Features we liked and disliked.

  • Easy to use.
  •  Effective password protection.
  • Very less size , as much as 897kb.
  • Automatic live updates.
  • Safe mode protection.
  • Themes(visual style)  > Tools > Visual style

  • To much price , It should be reduced till around 4.99$
  • The forget password is not working for me , Its saying connect to the internet , even if I am
If you want a free give away  comment below or email - to

 Download :

Some Screenshots:

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