is the world's most famous (rather notorious) website, when it comes to torrents. It has been providing shelter to many Pirates/Hackers till now. Recently it stopped providing '.torrent files' and started distributing 'Magnetic links' instead. Magnetic links are considered better than .torrent by They say that their server load will be reduced by this way.
But this method can be a pain when it comes Torrents with many files in them. Or if you want to store the .torrent file and download the torrent later. So here is a simple trick to get the torrent file from the Magnet links.

For this it necessary for you to have uTorrent.exe.

Procedure -
  1. Download and install uTorrent.exe from here - LINK
  2. Open your favorite torrent from and download its Magnetic link.**
  3. Select uTorrent for downloading the Magnetic link.
  4. Wait for about the torrent to start download at least a MB or 2.
  5. Now visit this (%appdata%/utorrent) on 'My Computer'.
  6. Here you will find the torrent of the magnetic link you just downloaded.

**Note - This article doesn't encourage the readers to download torrents from ThePiratebay. It simply states forth the fact that torrents can be downloaded from this website. Techwindow clearly stands with anti-piracy and advises the readers not to download from these websites. Downloading, Uploading and Supporting - Movies, Videos, TV-Shows, Games, E-books, Audios from such sites is a crime and Techwindow understands this and avoids encouraging it.


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