Computer Engineer’s Love Letter

Oh my dear, my love
You are a sight for sore eyes
You are the Windows to my System
You can make my CPU-usage rise

Virus, you are my dear
You’ve penetrated through my firewall
Carefully bypassing my Anti-virus
You’ve made an infinite loop of love, you doll!

I shift deleted other girls from my mind
And have given you the ‘admin rights’
My 1000 GB HDD is full of love for you
Your lethal beauty can hack many websites

Your thoughts choke up my RAM
They fill my integrated chips with happiness
For you my keyboard goes CAPS Lock
And wires jumble making a mess

Only you can root my server
If not then please SQL inject it
Everything lies on your ‘YES’ now
Or else, I’ll jump into the virus pit

If you say ‘YES’ I’ll leave my facebook
I’ll keep you in my C:\ drives system32 folder
You will rule there forever
I’ll update it as it gets older

My CPU beating at high Gigahertz
My blood like current flowing through wires
All are waiting for that little ‘yes’
And that’s what this computerized-body desires!

By - Sanved Tapkeer


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