C and its brother C++ are very powerful languages having a lot of support all over. Looks like fame of these languages have penetrated into the world of smartphones.
As the tittle says, the Android phones will now be able to compile as well as run C/C++ programs.

Thanks to sourceLair for their wonderful app which makes us code on our own phone! The news comes with a cherry on the top, which is that the App is totally for free! It even gives us many options for customizing the application for better experience.
Here is the link to the App

Google Play™ - sourceLair

Along with sourceLair, n0n3m4 a developer at Goggle Play as introduced us the C4Droid. Another excellent app for programming C/C++ on. Its also very affordable, just $ 1.50 (86 Rs.)

Google Play™ - C4Droid

These Apps take our programming life to the next level. I recommend it to every coder practicing C/C++.


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