Top Best Android apps for Business

 Every businessman need to work with dedication and commitment. Sometimes it may happen
that we are on vacation or due to some reasons out of the office and suddenly the organization
is in need of your services. The only option for us is to cancel all the plans and rush to the office
for a very minute thing also. Today’s Smartphones has changed this. In the past, we used our
mobiles to just save the phone numbers and customer service numbers. Now, Smartphones can
do lot many things in all aspects. Smartphones with some special apps for business helps us to
do certain things even if we are away from the office. Most of the smartphones are coming with
Android. Now, let us see some of the best Android apps which will be helpful for the business


Mute-o-matic app helps you in changing the call settings according to your planned meetings
and events. This can be done by entering the details of the meetings to the app. Then according
to the details your phone will switch itself to silent mode without you doing it so in your hurry
to the meeting. Mute –o-matic is having different settings that can be applied to different callers.
You can set the phone to ring if your other half calls you while silencing all other calls.


This app helps in printing the document from your Android device. It can send documents to the
printers which are nearby through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections and also send them to remote
printers and get the work done.


This app helps you in tracking the deliveries from a range of carriers. It supports deliveries from
a variety of companies like amazon, Fedex, DHL, TNT, Royal mail, Parcel force and UPS. This
app is also linked to Google maps to let you know where your parcel has travelled.

Remote for PowerPoint

Through this app you can run your presentations from your Android device using Bluetooth or
Wi-Fi. You can view and edit your PowerPoint presentation. It supports Microsoft PowerPoint
and OpenOffice impress files.


This Android app helps you in noting down all your thoughts and ideas as and when they
happen. You can capture your thoughts and ideas in the form of text, image or audio. You can
also share this information to your other devices like Laptops, Desktops, Macs or other phones.

These Android apps for business will help you in chasing your dreams so; download them today
to reach your dreams.

Guest post by : Eddie Adams

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Eddie Adams a Content writer and his interests are Technology, Phones, and Eco living,
insurance, and Travel. Catch him @thetechlegend on Twitter :-)


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