One of the new Galaxy Phone from Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Y is indeed one of the most famous phones in Asia. It has achieved the first rank in the series of Samsung phones over GSMArena. The users found this low budget smart-phone indeed exciting. Most of the users got this as their first Android. This phone is an 3" QVGA phone with a 823 MHz processor and 290 MB RAM.

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The thing which disappointed many users of this phone was that the anomaly of Galaxy Y not being installed with ICS(Android 4). There are some Geeks and Android experts who have brought up their own custom ROMs for this purpose.

Here are some methods to make your phone Ice cream sandwiched or something equivalent to that.

Method 1

goutamniwas a keen Android developer at XDA has found a way to install CM9(Android 4.0.3 Ice cream Sandwich) on Galaxy Y.
This was a long-awaited ROM for the Galaxy Y'ers as they were literally struggling through the internet to find a suitable ICS or Cyanogen Mod for their phone.
I had given the alternative to this a day earlier, until I found out of this ROM. This is a port from Galaxy Mini. The developer of this isn't familiar with the phone Galaxy Y as he lacks in owning one. Still he believes that this ROM once in its stable state will be the first unofficial CM9 for Galaxy Y. But he strictly prohibits the normal users to try this as he feels it might end up bricking their phone. He is still collecting help from testers and other developers so as to make it a complete ROM once for all.

Here you can find the complete procedure for installing CM9 Beta 1.3 - CM9 for Galaxy Y

Caution - Please try this only if you are a tester or a Developer. This ROM has extreme chances leading to complete bricking of phone. Techwindow doesn't take any responsibility whatsoever happens to your phone.

Method 2

You can simply download a theme from the Play Market. Some of them are free and of course the one which are paid are worth the bucks. There are many theme launchers out there.  But what I recommend is Go Ex theme launcher. It has a beautiful support all over and moreover has a number ICS themes made for it. ADW launcher is also there, it too with a great support and decent ICS themes
Here is a demo of an ICS theme running on Galaxy Y -

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Video Credits - GalaxyYarchive

Method 3

This method can be a little treacherous as it needs you to be more of a computer or tech expert as it involves a procedure which is long. Moreover one mistake and your phones life can be at stake.
Not 'the' ICS but having many features from it is a ROM called Creed's ROM made by pratyush.creed at XDAdevelopers.

The whole procedure can be found out here - Galaxy Y Creed's ROM

Some of the screens -

A Video Review on Creed -

The option lies on you!


  1. Is there more ROM like creed ROM ics theme but better?

  2. @raul there is one named ICS Aura, but its slow compared to Creed

  3. Creed is better than ics aura. Im looking for better one.

  4. friend if you want original ICS for galaxy y with prove follow the link

  5. I use creed 3.5 but i lost my headset mode, is there any way to recover my headset mode?

  6. tried flashing None same problem about headphone plus fix it.

  7. is any link that can donwload android 4.0 to 4.4 on galaxy young??


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