A lot of us are PC Gamers. Even when having one of the best graphic card, we feel like having a some more Horse Power. Well Nvidia, the ultimate graphic card designer, has listened to this request of ours and made us an 'Monster', i.e. Nvidia GeForce GT 690.

This thing can be called the best graphic card for now. Unless and until ATi and Intel come up with something more powerful. The card comes with 4 GB of GDDR5 Memory. Along with it is a base clock of 915 MHz.
The other specifications are as follows -

Manufacturer - NVIDIA
GPU series - GeForce 600
GPU Model - 2 x Kepler GK104
Graphic Processing Clusters/Streaming Multiprocessors - 8/16
CUDA Cores - 3072
  • Dual DVI-I - 2 Slots
  • Dual DVI-D - 1 Slot
  • HDMI - Nil
  • DisplayPort - Nil
  • MiniDP - 1 Slot
  • VGA - Nil
BUS Support - PCI-E 3.0 x16
DirectX Support - 11.1
OpenGL Support - 4.2

  • Base Clock - 915 MHz
  • Boost Clock - 1019 MHz
  • Shaders Clock - 915 MHz
  • Memory Clock - 1502 MHz
  • Effective Memory Clock - 6008 MHz
  • Memory Size - 4096 MB
  • Memory Type - GDDR5
  • Memory BUS Type - 2 x 256-bit
  • Memory Bandwidth - ~384 GB/sec
Power Draw - 300W/-W
Minimum Required PSU - 650 W

Here are some pictures to -

What I am looking forward to is the release date of this Monster in my Country, then time to enjoy !
This card will deliver optimum results in HD and 3D gaming. Games with High Quality graphics might run as smooth as butter. Benchmark test on this card will be soon coming to Techwindow, so keep reading. I will give the card a 4.5/5 stars rate as I really think that it is worth it. The Memory and Base clock say everything about the fluidity in gaming once it is used. The 4 GB explains the complete meal for a Memory hungry game. The support for DirectX 11.1 with Open GL 4.2 gives the ultimate performance during HD and 3D Gaming. And last but not the least, its from NVIDIA. Everything is perfect in this card. Except one thing for which I reduced 0.5, is its high price. 


  1. I think its actually GTX 690 not GT 690, but great article nonetheless

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