sms trick to again help in freaking your friends or even enemy. This is very powerful tool known as “SMS Bomber” or “SMS Flooder” , First of all let we know that what is “SMS Bomber” or “SMS Flooder” .
What Is SMS Bomber ?
SMS Bomber” is a software or sometime it can be a “Online SMS Bomber” or we can say “Online SMS Flooder” . This software or tool can send unlimited instant SMS or for the desired no. of SMS to the victim’s mobile. Which can really frustrate your victim or friends.

For SMS Bomber for Android, click here
Features Of This New SMS Bomber ?
Most of the “SMS Bomber” doesn’t work in India which is really bad news but probably I have new “SMS Bomber Software” which is working worldwide including India. This new SMS Bomber is easy to use, a small child can also use this SMS Bomber .
How To Use SMS Bomber?
Follow the steps given below to use SMS Bomber to flood your friend’s mobile with sms

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1. Download this from here 
2. Now Open it on your phone
3. In the 'To' column enter victim's number.
4. Enter the no. of messages in How Many messages.
5. And lastly enter the Message.
    Download Here
      So friends, Enjoy this SMS Bomber or you can say SMS Flooder and let me know your experience with this SMS Bomber via comments.


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      9. Will this ROOT my phone?

      10. I am interested in using a service for text messaging & SMS bombing for use in the US/Canada/Mexico & Europe.

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      11. if any one knows how to one click root a android i have a galaxy s its a SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 email

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