Well we found that Nokia's guys found something really awesome, but some have been thinking that this isn't a worth using technology. So well we decided to have a detailed debate on its pros and cons.

  • The Technology is very handy, just one tap and it does the thing by itself.
  • Makes it way easier to transfer files rather using Bluetooth, in which there is a great need of patience just for letting the file to be transfered.
  • Introduced By Nokia, the most important aspect because Nokia is a very trustworthy service which would never give us something Uncomfortable
  • The service not only allows us to transfer files but also Electronic Money, Multiplayer Gaming and Ticketing.
  • Only a very few devices support this technology. Approximately 3 devices i.e. Nokia 603, Nokia 700, Nokia 701 respectively.
  • Use the new NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for transfer of info, but NFC has a shorter range (less than 20 cm), which reduces the likelihood of unwanted interception which makes NFC particularly suitable for crowded areas.
  • Expensive - The phones with this technology are comparatively expensive than other phones, there at - Nokia 603 – 15000 INR approx., Nokia 700 – 18000 INR approx., Nokia 701 – 17000 INR approx


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