So you have been going around the internet and searching on various Android forums, blogs, etc. just to come across a term called 'Rooting'. Fine, so what is rooting? What happens when I do it? Will it be harmful for my phone? I don't know anything! Please explain me everything! If this is your reaction right now, then I'm please to inform you that I will be explaining all of this in simple language, making it very clear to you whether to root or not root your device.

Without getting into some technical crap. I'd first state the process of Rooting with a simple comparison between Android phone and a tree. Well when you see a tree, you are allowed to perceive the trunk, i.e. You can touch it, fell it with your hands, you can pluck the flowers, fruits, etc. But you aren't allowed to do anything to with the roots. You are forbidden to pluck them out and fiddle with the matter inside. Same thing happens with an Android phone. The phone is exactly in the same position. There are some things somewhere inside your phone which in normal means can be termed as dangerous or fatal for your phone when tried to fiddle with. Some of us programmers like to play with such things (I'm talking as if I'm playing with death) Rooting a phone gives you permissions to handle these files. These are not permitted to edit or open in a non rooted phone as they are supposed to be like the base files of the phone which once corrupted might make the phone unstable or even unusable (In easy language, kill it)

So can anything bad happen if I do it ?

There are two main disadvantages to rooting and Android phone;
  1. Rooting means bye-bye to your phone's warranty-Once rooted, taking your phone back for service or warranty work wont work. You and your phone, nothing else now!
  2. Rooting at times can "brick" your phone-In general, a "bricked" phone is as good as carrying a brick in your pocket. The phone is literally dead when it has been "bricked."
  3. Viruses - Yes Viruses, are becoming smart enough to travel through phone making it somewhat slow or uneasy to use. Rooting gives them permission to edit any file they want, And that my friends will be bad for you as well as your phone.
Why should I root my phone ?

"Rooting" your Android phone does afford you numerous benefits, including;
  1. Running special applications-Many applications need the permission of your phone to make it a useful device. This isn't given directly but by a special agent named SuperUser, an App specially designed for Android for these purposes.
  2. Freeing up memory-There are apps which makes it possible for the Applications being installed on the phone shift to the SD card.
  3. Custom ROM's-Customs ROMs are Android systems but edited by an external agent with more or less features. Usually with a better GUI and great performance speed.
The decision to "root" your Android phone is one that should not be rushed into. Though the allure of having an unlocked phone is powerful, having a "bricked" phone is, trust me, not very much fun.
What you can do is, get your phone rooted form an expert. It can less dangerous for your phone and your pocket.


  1. this is interesting info.. but what do u mean by Rooting means bye-bye to your phone's warranty??

  2. nice topic...
    when i read the bad sector of rooting i think its not that bad :D
    so ROOT your phone... :D


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