There were days when a a thing which used to tell time was greatly appreciated, now its only if it has something special. Yes, Sony has introduced a watch with Android. Can you guys imagine it ? Now watches can simply be classified into normal and smart.
The watch comes Android 2.1. Its very obvious that the device wont run any games, not even Angry Birds! But will become very handy when in need. Its a 1.3-inch OLED display which can be weared like a watch (Wrist strip included) or clipped somewhere. This device connects to your Android 2.0 or higher powered smartphone and gives you a quick view of what’s going on in your phone. Its kinda second wireless interactive mini display which allows you to can have your phone in your pocket or bag and still be alerted with notifications on incoming stuff or keep track of other things.

A small list of stuffs you can perform with it:

  • Read messages
  • control music playback
  • View the social networking updates
  • View other stuffs like RSS feeds, Missed calls, Events etc
  • Can be used with a number of other applications
Sony plans to launch it in Q4. Probably thats why it supports Android 2.0 or more and higher because most of the current model of Sony Android phones are below Android 2.x.

It feels like shape and size of Ipod Nano. The device has two hard keys on top for navigation and four soft-keys on a touch-pane below the screen. Sony Ericsson, as said will soon add a LiveView Manager to the Android Market to present compatible apps. The device can connect with a phone from up to 33 feet away.


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