Android has more than 1.5 Million+ Apps. Do you ever wanted to run them on your Android Apps on Windows PC? Now it's possible with the software called Blue Stacks. Blue Stacks is a new company that developed a s/w solution that allows Windows user to run their Android Apps onto their PC. Users will be able to see what Android apps look like when they run on larger PC screens. When an Android smartphone is connected to a PC, you can also use the mouse and keyboard to interact with the Android applications on your PC.
It's main advantage is that you can switch between Windows and Android instantly so that you can run run all your Windows Apps along with Android Apps. Blue Stacks using using Windows Utilities allows you to print the matter through your Android App.

Potential Android users who are hesitant about buying an Android phone and investing in a subscription plan with a carrier can download and see how Android applications run on their PC first.

Unfortunately :(, Android Market wouldn't be there on Blue Stacks, But you have an option to download recently launched Apps from Amazon App Store.

The company didn’t mention about its price but they said that it will be available for download this year.


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